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  • 當陽市鑫科教學儀器有限公司為您提供教學儀器、當陽實驗室耗材等相關信息,敬請關注!


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    Dangyang Xinke Educational Instrument Co., Ltd. is founded by the enterprise legal person from? the original Dangyang Teaching and Learning equipment factory , a whole private enterprise.

    The company haswon the trust and credit unit(2019) of a national enterprise and has obtained AAA grade. The original corporate enterprise was once a "designated factory for the production of teaching equipment by the State Education Commission". It has been repeatedly referred to as "heavy contracts and guarding" units by the Yichang Hubei Provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce. In 2012, it was awarded as one of the best units for "Advanced Members of China Education and Equipment Industry Association . The company is an "international boutique wholesale center". Wholesale system "supplier.

    The company paysmuch attention to product quality, current balance, motor principle descriptor, hand rocker DC generator, three-phase motor principle projector, and more than 40 products have been successively rated as recommended products by the China Education Equipment Industry Association since 2004; HVAC DC generators were awarded gold medals at the 73rd and 76th China Education Equipment Exhibition.

    The company pays much? attention to the construction of product standards and product inspection systems, and have established a complete product standard and product inspection reporting system. Some product standards are the top standards in the industry and have been promoted to industry standards. They have successfully helped Shanxi Province and Tianjin City. Shaanxi Province and other 10 provinces and cities provide technical standards for tendering and purchasing products, and more than 50 products were sent to the Ministry of Education's Educational Equipment Research and Development Center for testing. All technical indicators met or exceeded the domestic product standards of the same kind, and enterprises established product technical standards. And test report library.

    The company pays? much attention to the expansion of the domestic market and has business contacts with 31 provinces and cities across the country. It has won the bid for bidding for teaching equipment in more than 10 provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai, and Jiangsu Province.
    The company pays attention to the expansion of the international market, and its products are sold to more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe and the United States.



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